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Our location makes it easy to get whatever you need in 30 minutes or less. But most of the time, you’ll find what you need right here.


Nurse practitioners see patients at Wolcott’s Family Medical Clinic. Remington has a thriving, technologically advanced dental practice in an impressive new building.


Just twenty minutes east of Wolcott, is the brand-new IU White County Hospital in Monticello. Fifteen minutes north of Remington is Franciscan Hospital in Rensselaer. And Lafayette is just 30 minutes south on I-65, where you’ll find two new hospitals and a wide array of doctors, surgical centers, outpatient clinics, urgent care and more.


Community services are available in Remington / Wolcott to take people to medical appointments if they are unable. Remington also has an active Senior Center downtown, which was recently remodeled and expanded, thanks to strong community support.

An outstanding fitness and rehabilitation center is also located in a new building in Remington. Monthly memberships are available at reasonable rates.


Each town has well-trained and well-equipped volunteer fire departments. Remington recently built a new, larger station on the east edge of town.


A lovely new daycare center is open in Remington, offering quality care with from faith-based perspective. Numerous home-based daycare options are also available.


If you are looking for a good read, video to watch, or engaging children’s activities, check out the Remington or Wolcott library. You’ll find an impressively large collection, especially at Remington’s library, which has been expanded twice in recent years.


Also, attached to Remington’s library is the Tobias Community Center, a lovely event facility with a kitchenette, plenty of chairs and tables, and a grand piano.


Both towns have excellent cell coverage from Verizon and AT&T as well as access to broadband internet from a variety of sources.


Few towns our size can boast about such large and well-developed parks. Situated right on main street in Wolcott and featuring the historic Wolcott mansion, Wolcott’s large park is the home of their Fourth of July Festival, ball games, reunions, and plain ol’ everyday recreating. It’s a lovely and prominent feature of this charming town.


Remington has two parks. One is situated right in center of town, easily reached on foot or bike, shaded by numerous majestic trees, and featuring an impressive play center. The newer, much larger park is on the west edge of town, adjacent to lovely homes and featuring soccer fields, tennis courts, a splash pad play area, a sledding hill, large shelters, top-class baseball diamonds, walking trails and more.

Both park districts are actively planning for future improvements, recognizing the importance of these assets to the communities.

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