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We are the Remington Wolcott Community Development Corporation, a nonprofit organization that works with several different entities in the community to develop a contemporary thriving economy and community that attracts new residents and development; increases the enrollment of the Tri-County School Corporation, and enhances the region's quality of life.


We have developed a vision to build our communities, attract new businesses and welcome new residents, develop the natural landscape, and create a vibrant corridor linking the two towns. 


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Residents and business owners alike describe their towns as a good place to raise a family with a great cost of living. In short, Remington / Wolcott is the ideal location for anyone who embraces the best of small-town Indiana. It is a sanctuary between two of the nation’s urban cores, Chicago and Indianapolis, that preserves the past while embracing the future. That’s why the RWCDC has named its development efforts, The Small Town Oasis Project. 


Current plans include: 

  • Revitalizing the downtown areas with improved streets, walkways, lighting and gateway signage and character-building elements

  • Developing funding and training opportunities that support small businesses

  • Building integrated housing options that complement the existing town structure to better attract a variety of new residents at every life stage

  • Establishing more niche retail in the downtown areas, such as a bakery, pharmacy, car wash and ice cream parlor

  • Developing a retail corridor along I-65 for franchise retail outlets

  • Maintaining conservation areas along the U.S. 24/231 corridor that provide natural walkways and biking trails between the two towns

  • Encouraging co-op businesses for current residents, such as a day care and a farmer’s market

  • Building recreational and wellness facilities, including a trails network along Carpenters Creek, improved and expanded parks

  • Interspersing public gathering places with neighborhoods

  • Developing educations and recreational activities that highlight the natural environment of the area, including the wooded slopes, wetlands and meadowlands surrounding the two towns

  • Creating opportunities for youth and seniors that strengthen the personal and civic bonds between residents and between towns.

Small Town Oasis

The Remington Wolcott Community Development Commission has a ten-member board of directors. The board of directors is responsible for overseeing the work in five focus areas: housing, economic development, children and family, senior citizens, and schools. 

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Kerry Miller

Chairman of the Board

Remington Seeds

Kerry is a lifelong resident of Remington.  He has served on the RWCDC for 6 years.  He has served on the Tri-County School Board, and works for Remington Seeds.  Kerry is an active runner and lives in Remington with his wife, and two sons.  He is a Tri-County graduate that chose to stay in the area to raise his family.

Steve Kinsell


Silver Lane Hybrids

Steve Kinsell has lived in the community longer than any other board member of the Remington Wolcott Community Development Commission. For 55 years, Steve has enjoyed the people and admired the communities’ passion to maintain a quality town. His first priority is growing the Tri-County School Corporation enrollment. He is also active with the Remington Lions Club, Jasper Foundation and Remington Redevelopment Commission. He holds an MBA in chemical engineering from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology and a MBS from Indiana University.

Bob Gerber


Tri County School Corporation Board Member

Bob Gerber serves on the Tri-County School Corporation Board and also owns Premier Financial Managment Inc. in Wolcott. He and his wife Luann live in Wolcott.

Andy Getz

Web Admin


Andy is the website guru for RWCDC and has been on the board for 10 years. One of the area’s notable aspects is the proximity to major metropolitan areas and local universities while maintaining a small town rural focus. He sees the organization bringing two communities together to build on their infrastructure, strengths and enhance growth in the towns, schools and overall quality of life. He considers himself a lifelong area resident although he spent a few years away during and after college. He has a BS from Purdue University and currently works as the IT Lead for Monsanto. Andy enjoys spending time with family, working on IT related projects, helping on the family farm, and assisting and supporting trade schools in Haiti.

Don Pampel

Vice President and Remington Town Counsel Representative


Don Pampel knows Remington Wolcott. He’s lived here all his life. That’s why, as member of the Remington Wolcott Community Development Commission, he wants to funnel new ideas and promote the growth of the community but also maintain the feel of the small town oasis that he has come to love. Don also served on the Tri-County School Board, Remington Park Board, Remington Area Historical Society and Sacred Heart Parish Council. 

Patrick Culp

Tri County Superintendent

Mr. Culp has served as the Tri-County School Corporation Superintendent since January, 2019.  He is a graduate of West Central High School and Purdue University.  He received his Graduate degrees from Indiana State University.  He lives in Remington with his family.


Darwin Miller

Wolcott Town Counsel Representative



Mike Johnson

Wolcott Resident

Renee Overbeck

Tri County School Corporation Board Member

Sandy Miller

Executive Director

Sandy has been a resident of Remington for the past 20 years.  She has a BS degree in Agriculture Economics from Purdue University.  Her two sons attend Tri-County Schools.  She enjoys spending time with her family, and spending time outdoors.

RWCDC board

When the Tri-County School Board identified a need to increase enrollment in 2006, it also recognized the challenge of decreasing population levels across the communities it served. A School Board commissioned study by Purdue University determined the communities of Remington and Wolcott needed to proactively seek business and residential growth in order to avoid school consolidation.

As a result of the study, the communities developed the Tri-County Community Development (TCCD) board to begin taking action on the research findings. The directives were to capitalize strengths and develop opportunities around the following objectives:

  • Grow enrollment in the Tri-County School Corporation

  • Attract ~75 families to the Remington-Wolcott area

  • Retain existing families and individuals to the Remington-Wolcott area

  • Grow populations in both Remington and Wolcott to absorb the increasing cost of operating the towns

  • Increase the value of housing through increased demand

  • Increase customer base for retailers 

A second Purdue University study in 2007, led by Professor Kim Wilson, provided insight into and development strategies for growth in each community as well as in the areas surrounding and between them. An additional marketing strategy, together with the results of the Purdue University study, led to the reorganization of the TCCD as the Remington Wolcott Community Development Corporation in 2008.


Remington and Wolcott were each named Main Street communities in 2010 which is significant because the designation qualifies the towns to apply for Revitalization Grant Funding through the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs. The Main Streets operate underneath the umbrella of RWCDC which ensures that each town is a part of the shared vision for the area while retaining and defining their own identity. 

RWCDC history

Each town has its own Main Street organization which falls under the umbrella of RWCDC.

​Learn more about:

Remington Main Street

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