Wolcott Main Street

Wolcott Main Street

  • Meets the first Thursday of every month at 7 pm in the banquet room of the Wolcott Cafe.

  • Organizes the Market Street Days, Farmers Market and town wide yard sale

  • Organizes the Wolcott Winter Wonderland Festival 

  • Responsible for downtown banners and flower pots

We welcome new members and those who are interested in creating a vibrant and growing community. Join us! 

2020 Officers and Members 

President - George Blissett

Vice President - Darwin Miller

Secretary -Treasurer - Janell Hofstetter

Board Member:

Dawn Blissett

Marilyn Young


The Wolcott Main Street organization falls under the umbrella of RWCDC. The Main Streets were formed through the Office of Community and Rural Affair's Indiana Main Street program. Indiana Main Street encourages community-driven revitalization of downtown areas in Indiana cities and towns. The people who make up the Main Street network are passionate advocates, dedicated volunteers, influential stakeholders, and community organizers who work every day to turn the tide in their communities - catalyzing reinvestment, creating jobs, and fostering pride of place.

Main Street-style transformation is a combination of art and science: communities first need to learn about the local economy, its primary drivers, and its regional context (the science), but they also need to convey that special sense of place through storytelling, preserving the older and historic structures that set it apart, broad and inclusive civic engagement, and marketing (the art). To support this powerful network, the National Main Street Center has a revitalization framework – the Main Street Approach - that helps communities leverage both the art and science of downtown revitalization to create a better quality of life for all.

The program provides technical assistance and educational opportunities to participating communities. Indiana Main Street is the state's coordinating program to the National Main Street Center.



Remington / Wolcott residents and leaders have embraced the opportunity to develop a place that is welcoming for future residents and employers. Together, under the direction of RWCDC, the towns have laid forward a vision to enhance the quality of life for current residents as well as future residents and business owners, both small and industrial in nature.



PO Box 197

Remington, IN 47977


105 N 2nd St, Wolcott, IN 47995


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